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We make a colorful variety of handmade bead-and-wire arthropods including:

  • Arachnids: spider, scorpion
  • Insects: dragonfly, ant, wasp, preying mantis, cockroach
  • Chilopods: centipede
Beadlebugs range in size from about 4cm to 15cm (1.5 to 6 inches) or more in length. In our product descriptions, "size" refers to the overall approximate length.

Our original techniques and designs came from combining art, craft, and observing nature. We use beads made of quality materials, mostly glass and hematite, with some gemstone, wood, and porcelain. There are never any plastic or acrylic beads in our beaded bugs, and no glue, just beads and wire.

Every Beadlebug has a loop at each end for easy display as a suncatcher, holiday ornament, or small spider necklace. They also cling nicely to houseplants, lampshades, and picture frames.

Since 2002, when we created our first spiders and ants, and then dragonflies, our designs have evolved through colors and patterns, and by adding species. Sometimes these changes are inspired by you! We welcome custom order requests. Our first scorpion was created by request at a show near Cleveland, Ohio. Recently we responded to a request for a specific species of spider (Argiope aurantia, the Black and Yellow Orb Weaver) by connecting with a bead artist who reproduced the spider's colors and pattern for the body bead. So if you are inspired, let us know and we may create a new design. And thank you, for your inspiration.

We hope you enjoy our catalog of handmade beaded creatures. Thanks for visiting!
-- Sean & Christine